Undercover Superhero Blog Banner

I have been working with the lovely Ami of Undercover Superhero, a blog about overcoming disability, challenging stereotypes and Superhero’s. Ami wanted a blog banner that she could display above her published blog posts so I set to work to create one for her.

Part of the process I use is a series of questions designed to focus on the wants and needs of the client. From the answers I then set about writing up a design proposal which then gets sent to the client for approval.

This is the proposal I sent to Ami.

Create a Superhero styled look that is honest, positive, authentic and original.
Utilise the colours emerald green and gold (the colour theme).
Graphic should promote blog posts and engage with others.
Engagement, being open, not holding anything back, being respectful and positive are all really important messages and key to the blog.
Use simple colours and fonts for easy reading, being mindful of fonts and colours that are easy to read.
Stay away from
Graphics that make it difficult to read for visually impaired people. Close marching colour fonts and backgrounds.
Anything that is boring or unoriginal (in terms of themes not content).

This is the banner that I came up with. The theme of Superhero’s is evident in the font chosen and also the cape. I chose a wheelchair to represent disability and to fit in with graphics currently displayed on Ami’s blog. I decided to use a whirlwind/hurricane to portray strength. The added stars are reminiscent of comic book graphics.

Ami wrote a brilliant blog post about the whole process along with her thoughts and feelings on the banner I created…Go check it out and see what she says about it!

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